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Money Saving App


Control your personal budget and manage your expenses.

Budgeting App

UX/ UI Case study

Budgrting app


Pennywise, an innovative money-saving app, makes people's lives easier by enabling them to effortlessly track and manage their expenses while saving towards their future goals.

Project Overview

Time Line

4 Weeks

My Role

UX /UI Designer


+ 40


Many individuals face difficulties in efficiently managing their expenses and saving towards their future goals. This struggle to track spending often leads to financial stress and hinders the achievement of desired financial milestones.


Pennywise is a money-saving app equipped with advanced tracking and management features to address financial challenges. Users can monitor expenses in real-time, categorize them, and access personalized insights and reports.

Design Process

Online surveys

User interviews
Competitive analysis

Affinity diagram
User personas

User Journey
Story mapping

Card sorting

Information architecture
User flow

Low-fi Wireframes

Style guide

Usability test

Card sorting


Final Prototype



1 Empathize

User Research


A survey was conducted to gain insights into the target audience of the product.

12 Questions | 23 Participants

Income and Expense Tracking Preference

It was found that 37.5% of users track income and expenses monthly, followed by 25% who track them weekly,

interview result
User Confidence in Budgeting
Graphic depiction
Employment Status Breakdown
Biggest Challenges

More than half of the users state that they are confident in their ability to create and stick to a budget.

43.8 % of users are full time employed, followed by 31.3% students

Keeping track of expenses, saving money and budgeting are the biggest challenges.

Nearly 90% of users indicated that visual depiction such as charts and graphs are highly valuable in helping understanding and comprehension.

Target Audience

The money budgeting app primarily targets individuals aged 18-45 who have a steady income and seek to effectively manage and secure their budget.

The Little Things UI Design.png

Interview Process

I interviewed users who have used or currently use budgeting apps to understand the challenges they face.

I asked them several questions :

  1. where do you record your income and expenses?

  2. How do You currently manage your finances?

  3. If using an app, what challenges did you encounter?

  4. What specific feature or functionality do you wanna see in the app?


Interview Insights

Customizable expense categories emerged as a key requirement for 4 out of 5 users, enabling them to tailor the app to their specific needs


Integrated goal-setting features were identified as crucial by the majority of users, as they enable effective setting and monitoring of financial targets.


In the app, it is crucial to provide data visualization through charts and graphs, allowing users to comprehend information beyond mere numbers.


Users mentioned that it would be helpful for them to see the full report of their spending for different categories for different time period.



  • Mint was identified as the best app for tracking, analysis, and insight.

  • All competitors offered expense tracking and categorization.

  • Only two out of the six competitors (Mint and Monarch) provided an overview of financial accounts and bill tracking with reminders.

2 Define

Affinity Diagram 

Affinity diagram


Based on the result of the affinity diagram, the necessary features are:

Simplified reconciliation, streamlined navigation, automatic expense categorization, a user-friendly interface, all-in-one financial management capabilities, customizable spending limits and budget categories.


Image by ian dooley

Brian Thomson  |  28


Brian struggles with managing his finances and tends to overspend on non-essential items. He seeks an easy-to-use app to track income, expenses, set spending limits, and manage multiple accounts.

  • Simplify finance management

  • Stick to a budget

  • Avoid overspending

  • Track bill due dates

  • Limited time for manual tracking

  • Difficulty managing multiple accounts

  • Lack of financial discipline

  • Saving for future goals

  • Achieving financial stability

  • Understanding spending habits

Preferred Features
  • User-friendly interface

  • Automatic expense categorization

  • Multiple accounts Integration

  • Customizable budgeting tools

  • Visual spending representation

User Journey

User Journey

User Story


1- Brian realizes he struggles with budgeting and seeks a solution. He decides to find a finance app to improve his money management skills.


2- He discovers Pennywise Finance app and downloads it. He hopes it can assist him in setting and tracking budgets effectively.


3- He opens the app and creates his account. Then he goes through a brief tutorial to understand the app's features.


4- He sets up  reasonable budget limits for categories such as groceries, dining out, and hobbies. 

Image by Jonas Leupe

5- He starts logging his expenses in the app, adding transactions to the appropriate categories. The app sends him notifications when he approaches or exceeds budget limits.


6- He realizes he needs to manage his bills more efficiently. He explores the bill management feature in the app.


7- Brian discovers the goal-setting feature in the app and sets a savings goal. The app helps him to track his progress.

Image by Steve Ding

8- Over time, Brian becomes more confident in managing his finances. He feels empowered and relieved, thanks to Pennywise's.

3 Develop

Site Map


Task Flow

Task 1: Reviewing Reports

User opens the Penny Wise app and logs in.

User selects the "Reports"

Chooses a specific time to view an overall summary.

User reviews the chart of their financial activities.

Selects months &  see expenses of a specific card.

User see income and expenses of all cards.

Task 2: Checking and Adding Budget

User opens the Penny Wise app and logs in.

User goes to the "Budget" section.

User see overview of all categories selects an expense category.

User checks the current spending against the budget.

User selects edit budget for adding /updating expenses.

User add a new budget for another category. 

Task 3: Checking and Adding Goals

User opens the Penny Wise app and logs in.

User navigates to the "Goals" section.

User views the existing goals and their progress.

User selects the "Add Goal" button.

User enters the details, such as name, target amount, and timeline.

User saves the new goal, and added it to the list.

User Flow

User flow




Style Guide

Style Guide

The app interface design started with the creation of UI assets and components for developing the app screens.

4 Test

Final Test Result

We conducted unmoderated usability testing with participants who had prior experience of using a similar app. For more detailed information, you can find the full report HERE.


Unmoderated usability test 

No. Participants

5 participants

No. Tasks

5 Tasks


Google docs

Google sheets

Sticky Notes

"To get started with Penny Wise, sign up for the app and create a new account. Once signed up, link your RBC account to Penny Wise for seamless integration. Then, navigate to the "Budget" section to review and add a new budget, setting spending limits for each category. Move to the "Goals" page and add a new goal for a motorcycle to track your financial objectives. Finally, head to the "Reports" section to analyze your January expenses, focusing on those made with the Yellow Visa card. Lastly, find personalized insights from profile and analyze monthly insights and do a quizz"


Home Page


5 Design

Final Prototype

Final design for PennyWise budgeting app.

budgeting app

Interactive Mobile Prototype

Navigate through PennyWise mobile prototype

Screen_Recording_2023-07-12_at_3_27_49_PM_AdobeExpress (1).gif

Welcome & Onboarding

Sign up and link bank accounts for new users.

Getting Started

To begin using the app, new users must go through an account setup process. During this process, they are required to sign up and connect their bank accounts to the app.

Setting Up Account

Sign up and link bank accounts for new users.

login [].webp
homepage webp.webp

App Homepage

Sign up and link bank accounts for new users.


Report Page

Report page offers valuable financial insights for informed decision-making and optimized savings strategies.


Budget Page

Pennywise's budget page helps users set and track budgets, providing a clear overview of spending patterns to achieve financial goals.


Goal Page

Goal page allows users to define and track their financial objectives, by providing a clear roadmap towards achieving their goals.


Insights Page

Insights provides personalized financial analysis and recommendations for informed decision-making and improved financial well-being.

In Summary 

Developing a mobile money-saving app called Penny Wise for effortless expense tracking and management towards financial goals.


Conducting user research for mobile users, guiding design decisions for a seamless and intuitive experience.


Penny Wise is a feature-rich app that tracks expenses, offers insights, and generates reports, helping users in achieving their financial objectives.

PennyWise money saving app Recap
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