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Sayeh Ghahari

Product Designer | UX/UI Designer

Hey there !

As a Product Designer, I leverage my background in architecture to create accessible & inclusive digital experiences.

Sayeh Ghahari
Pennywise  Budgeting case study

UX Research, UX & UI Design: This app is a powerful tool designed to assist people in managing their finances effectively. With its wide range of features, users can easily track their spending, create budgets, and make informed financial decisions.

UX & UI Design: In collaboration with Pension Bar, our team embarked on a transformative project aimed at revolutionizing retirement planning for individuals by combining security and flex accounts. 

Toronto Cupcake
Claire cosmetic

UX Research, UX & UI Design: Enhancing online shopping by offering personalized orders for a unique customer experience.

UX Research, UX & UI Design: Improving online shopping by giving customers a unique experience with customizable eco-friendly products.

Group 1000003511.png

Lead UX Researcher, UI Designer :  The Medication Interaction App would serve as a digital tool for patients to check drug interactions, document their medical history, track their conditions, and share pertinent medical information with doctors and family members. 


Toronto, Canada

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