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Architecture | Interior Design

Designing an interior space for a client with a disability, where mobility is limited, poses a challenging yet fulfilling task. The objective is to create a living area that is both functional and comfortable, accommodating the client's unique needs and promoting independence. The design should prioritize practicality, accessibility, and aesthetic appeal, creating a homely atmosphere that the client can identify with. Careful planning and attention to detail are required to achieve these goals.

Accessible Residential House

As a designer, I understand that creating an interior space for a client with limited mobility due to a disability is not just about functionality. It's about promoting independence and a sense of identity, and this requires a unique approach. My objective is to design a space that prioritizes accessibility and practicality while also incorporating aesthetic appeal to create a homely atmosphere. This requires careful planning and attention to detail, ensuring that every aspect of the design contributes to the client's comfort and well-being.


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